Meet Kimmie

Hi, I'm Kimmie! I'm the owner and operator of Mooncraft, and I'm the creator of all the pieces you see on the site.

Mooncraft started as an inkling of a dream 5 years ago when I met my now-fiance, Christopher. He was self-employed and I worked a soul-sucking office desk-job. To say I envied him would be like saying water is wet -- no brainer. So fast-forward 4.5 years, and we have saved enough money and prepared for me to quit my job and start putting real time and energy into pursuing my dream of being a full-time creator. Christopher built this entire dreamy website from scratch while I have worked on creating inventory, and designing my brand. Ever since I was a child I always dreamed of being an artist, in one way or another. Well, I hope I'm making little Kimmie proud.

Mooncraft is not just earrings. Sure it's all earrings right now, but this is just the beginning. I strive to grow and expand my product offerings down the line -- rings, necklaces, hair clips, memo pads, planners, pins, stickers, anything I can feasibly make.

I would love for you to be a part of my journey and help Mooncraft grow and become what I've always dreamed of. I am constantly designing, practicing, and coming up with funky new ideas to execute. Stay tuned for weekly product launches!