Privacy Policy

Shopping on mooncraft.shop should be, and is, a completely private experience. You may have noticed that you did not need to accept a cookie policy when you first navigated to the site. This is because mooncraft.shop does not track you, and uses only functionally-necessary cookies to maintain your cart and to complete your order. So you won’t be seeing your cart items appearing in a Facebook ad later if you forget to check out.

Information about your order, such as your card information and address, is shared with our payment processor PayPal, but only to facilitate your order. Only PayPal has access to your card number when you checkout with PayPal. You can read their privacy policy here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full

Return Policy

To initiate a refund or replacement, please email me with photos of damaged products at mooncraft.shop247@gmail.com

If your one-of-a-kind item is damaged during shipping, a full refund will be issued or you can request a replacement with an earring set of the same price (at no additional cost to you).

If your item is damaged during shipping and I have extra quantity of the same item on hand, you can request a replacement be sent (at no additional cost to you), or a full refund can be issued.

If your item breaks after your first wear, please email me photos of the product at mooncraft.shop247@gmail.com to discuss solutions to remedy the issue.